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Beyond the Contest and More about the Contest

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After the fierce competition over the past 4 months, the Fresh Air
Beverage Innovation Contest Final by Food and Beverage Innovation Forum
2017 (FBIF2017) went out with a bang on April 20thin the Hilton Shanghai
Hongqiao Hotel. “Carbohydrate Blocker COCOA Milk”, a drink developed by
university students from Jiangnan University, won the first prize over
all competitive candidates.

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Moderators, Judges and Winners of Fresh Air Beverage Innovation Contest

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Fresh Air Beverage Innovation Contest 2017, jointly held by FBIF2017
committee and Halmana, is a beverage formula design competition
welcoming university students to take part in. In this competition, the
committee received 280 beverage designs from nearly 50 Chinese food
universities. 18 finalists were determined after the first round by
judges in terms of product innovation and sense, etc. The final round
was held in the beverage tasting part of Beverage Tasting. The consumer
demands are getting increasingly diversified and personalized, thus
simplified products can no longer meet the demands of consumers, the new
generation in particular. Consumers are unaware of their needs, let
alone the brand—this precisely describes the status of Chinese
consumers. Fresh Air Beverage Innovation Contest targets this status.
Young to Young, let the new generation designs their own beverage.

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To judge for the final round of this contest, 8 senior executives were
invited from Unit-President, Nongfu Spring, Weichuan, Tetra, Firmenich,
Want Want, Wanglaoji and Ipsos. In the contest, 18 candidates presented
their group works to judges in terms of product concept, target,
formula, packing, etc. Judges talked to students and gave beneficial
comments to them.

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Yin Xiaomei, Senior Director of Global Innovation Commercialization,
Firmenich Aromatics (China) Co., Ltd., raised a question.

Candidates of this contest were the post-90 students from universities.
They endowed the beverage development with new life with their innovated
mind and audacious attempt. Everyone had a heated discussion about
beverage products and brought up with lots of new ideas, creating
splendid moments. It is believed that, in the near future, beverage
products designed by the post-90 will appear in our life. I can’t wait
to see it!

Designed for Love, “Carbohydrate Blocker COCOA Milk”is a Brand-new R&D

New, fresh and love are the theme of this Fresh Air Beverage Innovation
Contest. “Carbohydrate Blocker COCOA Milk” developed by the students
from Jiangnan University is a kind of beverage designed out of love. One
of the team members originally aimed to design a substitute drink for
his family diagnosed with three-hypers. In order to maintain the
steadiness of the main ingredient, Starch Blocker, the original team
designed the bottle cap separating powder and liquid. This design
perfectly combines the product innovation and packing design, and it
completely outbreaks the scale of beverage formula design. It is an
exploratory attempt in the R&D field as well as a design based on
customers’ demands.

  1. Integrate stories into beverage design products

To integrate R&D design into marketing was the direction the sponsor
taught university students to use in beverage research and development.
“Venus-Jiang Yining” is one of these products endowed with stories. In
the awarding ceremony, the award moderator made a joke about the love
story between Classmate Xiaoming from Unit-President and “Venus-Jiang

“Venus-Jiang Yining”

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A cartoon image was specially designed by the original team, and the
formula and flavor were also designed according to characteristics of
the campus belle, showing the unique flavor of the post-90 university

Buddies, do you feel aggressive now and confused then when studying and
working? Even so, nothing can stop you from pursuing the enthusiasm of
new life and the courage to try new stuff. Take a bottle of “Venus-Jiang
Yining”, freshen up and keep moving. Love yourself and love the youth.

“N+M Staying Up Partner”

To emphasize the consumers’ drinking occasions in research and
development was the focus that the sponsor taught the students. “N+M
Staying Up Partner” is kind of energy-refilling beverage designed for
people who always stay up late. Deadline is the first productivity. If
it is inevitable to stay up late, how to refill the energy and relieve
the pain when the body is consuming?



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